Professor Hiroyuki Sasaki
Assistant Professor Motoko Unoki, Takashi Ishiuchi
Research Lecturer Hidehiro Toh
Doctoral course 4th Hiroaki Ohishi, Yukihiro Inoguchi,
Yuki Sakakibara, Au Yeung Wan Kin (Donald)
Doctoral course 3rd Sharmin Aktar, Shusaku Abe, Kanako Kibe,
Keisuke Toriyama
Doctoral course 2nd Syuhei Uemura, Seiichi Yano
Doctoral course 1st Ryuji Uehara
Research Technician Junko Oishi, Yuka Abe
Secretary Kanae Suehiro, Eiko Sasaki
Professor : Hiroyuki Sasaki, M.D., Ph.D.
Born in 1956, birth place: Fukuoka
Education: MD, PhD (Kyushu University Graduate School)
Theme: Epigenetics, genomic imprinting, encouragement of postdocs and students
Hobby: Mountain walking, tennis, collection of craft mice
Assistant Professor : Motoko Unoki, D.V.M, Ph.D.
Since Oct. 2010
Born in 1974, birth place: Tokyo
Education: 2003 Ph.D., The University of Tokyo
Theme: Epigenetic regulations through protein-protein interactions
Hobby: Photography (Click here for HP)
Comment: I would like to clarify epigenetic regulations by proteins which recognize epigenetic modifications. I’m especially interested in roles of UHRF1 and ICF syndrome-related proteins in epigenetic regulations.
Assistant Professor : Takashi Ishiuchi, Ph.D.
Born in 1983, birth place: Saga
Education: PhD (Kyoto University Graduate School, Takeichi lab)
Theme: Epigenetics in development. Especially epigenetic reprogramming to totipotency.
Research Lecturer : Hidehiro Toh, Ph.D.

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Doctoral course 4th : Hiroaki Ohishi

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Doctoral course 4th : Yukihiro Inoguchi

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Doctoral course 4th : Yuki Sakakibara
Born in 1989, birth place: Aichi
Theme: X chromosome inactivation
Hobby: Cycling, Photography
Doctoral course 4th : Au Yeung Wan Kin (Donald)
Since Apr. 2013 (Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarships)
Born in Oct. 1986, Hong Kong
Education: M.Phil in Molecular Biotechnology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research theme: Epigenetic dynamics in germ cell and early embryo development
Hobby: Music, Novel reading, Photography, Japanese Culture, and all new things
Comment: It is my pleasure to join this lab as a MEXT scholarship student. I am excited about every new experiments, new life in Japan and discussing research with new people.
Doctoral course 3rd : Sharmin Aktar
Since Oct. 2015
Born in 1987, birth place: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Theme: Epigenetic Regulation in Embryogenesis, ICF Syndrome and Carcinogenesis.
Hobby: Fishing, traveling.
Comment: I want to learn deeply about epigenetic regulation in Embryogenesis, ICF syndrome and Carcinogenesis.
Doctoral course 3rd : Shusaku Abe
Since Apr. 2016
Born in 1984, birth place: Tokyo
Education: M.D. Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, 2009
Theme: Functional significance of PTHMs in oogenesis and early embryogenesis(PTHMs; post translational histone modifications)
Hobby: Scuba diving & Back
Comment: I would like to dedicate efforts to innovations in basic research.
Doctoral course 3rd : Kanako Kibe
Since Apr. 2016
Born in 1990, birth place: Fukuoka
Education: Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016 in Fukuoka Univesity.
Hobby: comic, animation, and flower arrangement
Comment: I'm not good at using machines and speaking English, but I'll do my best!
Doctoral course 3rd : Keisuke Toriyama
Since Apr. 2016
Born in 1986, birth place: Kumamoto
Education: M.D. Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University
Hobby: music appreciation, jogging
Comment: Everything in this lab is my first experience, I'll do my best with the inquisitiveness and spirit of challenge.
Doctoral course 2nd : Syuhei Uemura
Since Feb. 2016
Born in 1987, birth place: Fukuoka
Education: M.S. Kyushu University School of Sciences, 2012.
Hobby: Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera(Olympus), breeding tropical fishes and turtles(Mauremys japonica, Sternotherus carinatus, Cuora flavomarginata)
Comment: I like reptiles, especially turtles. Particularly my box turtle is the cutest creature in the world.
Doctoral course 2nd : Seiichi Yano
Since Apr. 2017
Born in 1988, birth place: Fukuoka
Education: M.D. Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University
Theme: Epigenetic Regulation in Embryogenesis
Hobby: jazz, tennis
Comment: I'd like to do my best and find a delight in solving difficult problems in research.
Doctoral course 1st : Ryuji Uehara
Since Apr. 2018
Born in 1985, birth place: Okinawa
Education: M.D. Faculty of Medicine, Kyushu University
Hobby: bicycle, watching baseball
Comment: I will do my very best with basic research.
Research Technician : Junko Oishi
Since Apr. 2014
Birth place: Kumamoto
Hobby: Yoga, gardening and watching movies.
Research Technician : Yuka Abe
Since Aug. 2016
Birth place: Fukuoka
Hobby: making accessories, running
comment: I want to value a posture to learn every day.
Secretary : Kanae Suehiro
Since Jun. 2013
Birth place: Fukuoka
Hobby: Flower arrangement, yoga and travel
Secretary : Eiko Sasaki
Since Apr. 2018
Birth place: Fukuoka
Hobby: Watching suspense dramas.
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